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The IDS Oil-Spill Response System is innovative oil spill remediation technology that has been under development by IDS Offshore Inc at the Canadian NRC Institute for Ocean Technology, St John’s, Newfoundland since 2008. The system leverages existing infrastructure and training, and provides great advantages in oil spill remediation because the Unmanned Spill Response Vessels (USRV) are engineered for deployment from the air.

As such, the IDS Oil-Spill Response System minimizes critical time to first-response representing an order of magnitude advantage over current methods. Deployed from strategic air-bases by aircraft with continent-wide coverage of ocean and inland waters, the system significantly reduces critical time to initial containment:

Response Ready  USRV modules compatible with existing transport aircraft systems are stored at key locations, ready-to-load for deployment to spill locations, day or night, anywhere.

Speed  Air-deployment systems for front-line military operations put required equipment and resources where needed, quickly. Using these same techniques it is possible to place more oil-spill response equipment into action, more quickly than previously imaginable.

Scale & Flexibility  With multiple USRV in various configurations stationed at key air bases, overwhelming multi-layered containment becomes possible. USRV configurations will include deep sea at-source containment, coastal barrier containment and fresh or inland waterway containment.

Continental Response Network  Based at strategic locations, the IDS Oil Spill Response system forms a coastal safety net to provide a national or continental network of first response oil spill containment technology. Using existing naval and/or coast guard facilities, along with commercial locations, the IDS system offers wide area mitigation to significantly reduce ecological damage and economic costs of oil spill incidents.

Technical Partners  The IDS Oil Spill Response System has been developed in close cooperation with industry and government to date, and we expect continuing interest from these sectors as the project moves through public market funding and development.

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