Innovative Oil Spill Remediation Technology

The IDS Oil-Spill Response System provides a new and essential tool for oil spill response of the future.

Because it is dropped from aircraft, rather than shipped by sea, it can reach remote spills days sooner, minimizing spread and reducing remediation costs and environmental damage.

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IDS Oil-Spill Response minimizes critical time to deployment.

As the offshore oil industry pushes for greater access to more, environmentally sensitive regions such as the far north, the need for more effective spill response methods becomes greater, still.

Quicker deployment results in:

Superior Spill Containment

Potentially Lower Cost of Cleanup

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Less Environmental Damage

Cost of Oil Spills: Tens of Billions

$40 Billion—the reported cost of the BP Gulf Coast oil spill.

But the nominal cost of cleaning up a hydrocarbon disaster only reflects a part of the damages, longer term. Degradation of marine environments, loss of wildlife diversity, destruction of fisheries and livelihoods… these factors may not enter into the equation until years or decades after an incident.

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